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About Us

Business Intelligence - Barcelona
Best in BI - AI
Why Best?

Best is a statement of intent. It is our clearly defined goal to become the best at what we do. We are aware of the difficulty of our goal and therefore we promote methodologies for continuous improvement of processes, training and permanent knowledge updating.

Best In BI - Data Analytics
Why BI?

The experience of the founders and collaborators of the company in BI projects makes it natural to focus on the business intelligence of our clients. This experience has been carried out from all possible perspectives, administration, functional development, technical development, taking requirements with the client, project management or client management and the only thing left for us to do was business management and that spirit of completing the circle is born Best In BI.

Our skills

We optimize business processes based on data to boost their growth, for this we have professionals with technical skills and a clear orientation to business.

Solution Development
Programming languages
Database Administration
Best Practices definition
Dashboard Design
Platform upgrade and maintenance