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Best In BI is a consultancy specialised in Business Intelligence, Advanced Data Analytics and Data Architecture for BI. We carry out customised BI projects to offer the best Business Intelligence solutions tailored to the needs of each client. Specialised BI services from our offices in Barcelona.

Best In BI Services

Data Architecture

We design, deploy and manage the activities of your database environment.

Data Transformation

We work with your data to process, structure and adapt it to the needs of your BI project.

Data Visualization

Understand your data by analysing, identifying relationships and trends to optimise decision making.

Advanced Analytics

We apply the latest Machine Learning techniques for the prediction, classification or clustering of your data.

Custom Developments

We adapt to the specific needs of your project and provide added value from our expertise.

Support & Maintenance

We offer different support modalities to ensure that your BI platform is always operational.

BI Training

Customised training plans in the main Business Intelligence technologies.


We don't just have human resources, we have people who make up a skilled, happy and motivated team, capable of providing the best service to our customers.

Juan Valladares, CEO Best In BI Solutions
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Why Best?

Best is a statement of intention. It is our clearly defined goal: to become the best at what we do. We are aware of the difficulty of our goal and therefore we promote methodologies of continuous improvement of processes, training and permanent knowledge upgrading.


Why BI?

The experience of the company’s founders and collaborators in BI projects makes it natural to focus on our clients’ business intelligence. This experience has been carried out from all possible perspectives, administration, functional development, technical development, requirements gathering with the client, project management or client management and the only thing left to do was business management and from this spirit of completing the circle, Best In BI was born.

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AI: Unsupervised Learning

Other Articles: Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on whatsapp WhatsApp Within the Machine Learning area, we can

MicroStrategy Definition of Fact Tables in queries

Esta semana volvemos con una nueva historia vivida en carne propia, de estas que te dan respaldo a la experiencia como consultor, de aquellas que se aprende cuando uno las vive.

In my case, it was a situation that I knew how to solve, but it is a situation that is not common to see and I thought it was appropriate to tell you about it. This week I am going to tell you how we can control which tables will dominate the queries when creating reports in MicroStrategy.

MicroStrategy Training Metrics

This week I bring a topic that has been in MicroStrategy for many years, but few people know about it and companies spend thousands of dollars to implement it in an outsourced way. Sometimes it may be justified, as this is an out-of-the-box solution, but believe me, if it were better known, it would be used a lot. And yes, we are talking about machine learning techniques integrated with MicroStrategy! So, without further delay, the topic of the week: Training Metrics.

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