BI projects

BI projects always aim to make the right tools and information available to the company to make optimal strategic and operational decisions based on the analysis of business data. los datos de negocio.

A well-executed Business Intelligence project should provide accurate, up-to-date, relevant and easy to understand and consume information for the person or groups of individuals to whom it is addressed.

In order to achieve BI goals, every project must go through the following stages:

Define needs and objectives: the current and future needs of the company are analysed and specific objectives, the necessary information and its sources are defined.

Tools and methodology: the most appropriate tools  for the execution of the work and the methodology of analysis are defined  according to the objectives and needs of the previous point.

Work planning: all the actions, execution deadlines, infrastructures and resources necessary to carry out the project are defined. Works are scheduled in such a way as to ensure regular deliveries of finished products that can be exploited by the company.

Execution of scheduled work: including data architecture, ETL, modelling, design and dashboard creation. This point includes the review of the products already delivered.

Training and support: in order for the company to get the most out of its Business Intelligence solution, it is necessary that users receive  adequate training, in addition to offering technical support tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Business Intelligence Projects

Full Rain Project

Full Rain

Based on a successful project currently in production for one of our international clients, this is a rainfall report by region where the historical temporal component has a special relevance together with the always up-to-date data.

Sales Control Project

Sales Control

An example of a dashboard for monthly analysis and annual tracking of sales, stock control and invoices. Although it is based on a fictitious database, it clearly reflects the benefits of a BI solution that always returns the most current data.

Chubby Babies Project 1

Chubby Babies

Analytical table of the production, quality controls and types of defects detected in the products of a company devoted to the commercialisation of toys.

Chubby Babies Project 2

Chubby Babies v2

A second version of the Chubby Babies reports with a distribution of information and navigation focused on detailed analysis by product range.

A dashboard developed in Power BI using Zoomcharts. With these visuals, you will be able to analyze your data easily and intuitively. Its attractive animations offer endless customization options.

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