Movement and Transformation

Data movement and transformation with ETL – Extraction, Transformation and Load – or ELT – Extraction, Load and Transforamtion – processes consists of programmatically extracting, transforming and loading data from one or more sources into a target structure.

ETL and ELT processes are a key part of any company’s data management strategy.

To be of value they must be available, and often that means moving them and preparing them for use: that is the purpose of each and every one of these processes.

The ETL stages typically consist of:


Data selection from different sources.


Data transformation, applying business rules.


Data loading at the appropriate destination and validation of results.

Each of these steps is an essential part of the mechanism for keeping the correct data up to date.

We design and implement these processes adapted to your application:

data migration between applications

Data migration between applications

Migration of operational processes

Migration in operational processes

For example, the movement of data from a CRM system to an ODS warehouse for enrichment.

Migration to Datawarehouse

Data transfer to a DWH

Classify and transform them for use in Business Intelligence.

Data migration to the Cloud

Migration of applications from on-premises infrastructure to cloud systems

On the other hand, in existing processes, we offer assistance in the:

Performance Optimisation

Performance optimisation

Process Maintenance

Process maintenance

At Best In BI we always follow best practices that we apply in each of our projects, whatever the technology, in this way we achieve products that are:

Reusable thanks to modular components
Easy to maintain
With good performance

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