BI solutions tailored to the most demanding companies

About Us

Best In BI was born out of the need to provide solutions and improve decision making in companies, transforming their data into information and information into knowledge.

Business Intelligence (BI), after all, consists of giving visibility in a practical, precise and up-to-date way to the key metrics that the company needs to know, for example, the business’ sales evolution, the state of a production process or the impact of a marketing campaign.

As a Business Intelligence Consultancy, therefore, we at Best In BI are devoted to getting answers to business questions through your own data.

Should I increase production? Are my Facebook campaigns working? Which products are currently driving the most interest? Which regions are most in demand for each type of service?…. Business Intelligence can help us answer virtually any business question just when needed and with the most complete and updated information.

Thomas Hobbes Information is power

Information is power

Thomas Hobbes



Our commitment is to offer our employees the opportunity to grow and train in the field of Business Intelligence consulting and data analytics to help our clients optimize decision-making in their companies.


Our purpose is to be the company that every BI consultant wants to be part of to achieve their goals and grow professionally.

Our Values

BI Consulting Commitment


Not only in BI, but also in other functional areas of the company such as logistics, marketing, sales, engineering, production and administration.

BI Consulting Experts


Each customer, each BI project is unique and we get involved to make it our own. We like to feel proud of what we do.

BI Consulting Transparency


It is our basis for a long-term trustful relationship with our customers.

BI Consulting Barcelona


As defined and on schedule.

Business Intelligence Consulting Barcelona

People are our strength

Best In BI’s most valuable asset is its people. Best In BI is made up of a multidisciplinary team, with different backgrounds, specialities and varied and enriching experiences in different sectors.

Each member of the Business Intelligence Consultancy has been selected for their high expertise in their area and great capacity for adaptation and improvement, following a process of constant recycling to provide effective solutions with the most advanced technologies.


We don't just have human resources, we have people who make up a skilled, happy and motivated team, capable of providing the best service to our customers.

Juan Valladares, CEO Best In BI Solutions

Our Customers

BI solutions tailored to the most demanding companies

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