The foundations of the data model

What is Data Architecture?

The objective of data architecture is to define the source and types of data needed for business development through information management. The system designed to achieve this must be simple enough for stakeholders to understand, as well as coherent and stable.

Nowadays, all companies have their own Data Warehouse where all the data generated by the different activities carried out in the company is stored. One of the challenges is to know how to size them, to optimise what is in them and the management of this information.

In general, data architecture is designed and developed during the planning stage of a new system to establish how data will be processed, stored, used and accessed. Thus, in order to design an efficient system, control the flow of data and ensure its protection, it is important to know the relationship and the type of management needed for each type of data from the outset.

Create and optimise

Data Warehouse Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence Data Architecture

We create your databases from scratch or optimise them to minimise the subsequent data transformation process. For this purpose, we have qualified experts with experience in sizing and managing data warehouses.

Business Intelligence Database

Data Warehouse

A data warehouse is a comprehensive, non-volatile and time-varying collection of data. Well dimensioned and structured, it is useful for reporting and analysing data. We focus on structuring your company’s data in the most optimal way, so that you can visualise it easily.


An alternative to the data warehouse is the storage of the information of a specific department or business unit in datamarts. This system allows the query of data with an optimal structure of a dimensional model, oriented to a specific process within the company. Its flexibility, based on queries at a high level of granularity, makes it easy to access and analyse.

Big Data & Cloud

We also have experts in Big Data, in case your data volume is very large and you need to be able to access it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Cloud data storage, through the generation of datalakes, paying for this service on demand, allows you to save costs and have all your company’s data, regardless of where it comes from or its format, interrelated in order to have the best possible knowledge about everything that happens in your business, and always make the best decisions.

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