Get trained in the Business Intelligence technology that interests you most.

The use of a BI solution saves the company hours and assets, allowing for more efficiency and speed in planning management strategies and growth.

In order to implement a BI tool successfully, it is essential to have specialised knowledge of the technology you choose to use. This is where training for your company comes into play.

The training courses provide practical knowledge in a very short time that can be applied in its entirety to the subject.

Specialised Training in BI

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BI Academy Bootcamp

Course aimed at all those who want to get started in the world of data, understand and learn all the technical aspects related to Business Intelligence.

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Business Data Master

Course designed for CEO, CIO, CTO, project leaders and other strategic positions within the company to understand the different concepts and implementation techniques needed to become a data-driven company.

Power BI Training Plans

Power BI
for beginners

1 hours

This course trains in the complete use of Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service, without going into advanced concepts.

  • Introduction: what is Power BI and how far does it go?
  • Connection to data sources.
  • Data transformation with Power Query.
  • Creation of the logical model for VertiPaq.
  • Development of objects with DAX.
  • Visualise with Power BI.
  • Power BI Service.

Power BI
for Business Intelligence specialists

1 hours

This course trains in the complete use of Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service, developing advanced concepts in M language, DAX language, complex logical models, Row Level Security and more opportunities provided by the software.

Power Query
for beginners

1 hours

This course trains you to use Power Query using the interface in either Excel or Power BI.

Power Query
intermediate level

1 hours

This course trains you to use Power Query using the M code interface and editing, either in Excel or Power BI.

Power BI
Data Visualization

1 hours

This course focuses not only on all the visualisation capabilities of Power BI, but also on the rules for creating an impactful user experience.

Train with us and learn how to develop and manage your own BI platform.

MicroStrategy Training Plans

MicroStrategy Dossier

0 hours

Course focused on the self-consumption of business users in which students will learn:

  • How to import new data into the MicroStrategy Web project
  • How to combine them with existing data and data exploration through the most attractive visualisations.
  • The possibilities of the MicroStrategy Library and the possibility to develop dossiers offline from the MicroStrategy Desktop tool will be explored.

MicroStrategy Web

0 hours

Course focused on MicroStrategy business users in which students will learn:

  • All tools available from the web environment
  • All functionalities enabled for web-based report development
  • Using MicroStrategy Dossier
  • Introduction to MicroStrategy Report Services Document and Dashboard Development
  • Information distribution with MicroStrategy Distribution Services.

MicroStrategy Developer

0 hours

Course aimed at BI consultants who want to learn how to use the full power of Microstrategy developer to create analytical models with Microstrategy.

  • How to build a model from scratch
  • The creation of all necessary objects, attributes, facts, hierarchies, metrics, filters, dynamic selections, reports, documents and dossiers and a multitude of options available for development.

Tailor-made courses

We can adapt to the subject matter you may need in any of the different components of the MicroStrategy, PowerBI and Tableau platforms.

If you wish, we can create examples based on your business data to make it easier for your company’s users to understand the concepts.

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