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Data visualisation in Business Intelligenge (BI) is the representation and analysis of data in intuitive, interactive and immediate reports.

he purpose of these reports can respond to a wide variety of needs such as communicating information clearly and effectively, evaluating the performance of an area or department, conceptualising and calculating KPIs, monitoring operations and processes, understanding changes o identifying new patterns.

Today, businesses of all shapes and sizes are harnessing the potential of data visualisation to continue to grow, solve pressing problems and make sense of complex data. Don’t wait any longer to make the most of your data and turn it into relevant information for better decision making!

Custom solutions

At Best In BI we offer the possibility of creating reports and/or dashboards fully customised and adapted to your organisation. Depending on your needs, you can:


all the information you need to visualise in a single report.


processes via PC, mobile, tablet or cloud service.


in regular periods and the possibility to evolve as the need arises.

interact and explore

at different levels in the same visualisation.


data from different sources, from flat files to complex Big Data systems.

The best BI platforms

For the creation of our reports we not only use the best reporting and data visualisation tools on the market today, but we also provide you with a team of specialised consultants with extensive experience in the creation of dashboards.

Comprehensive data visualisation service

Our goal is to provide you with the best BI solution, for this, in Best In BI we advise you to choose the BI software that best suits the size of your company, budget and needs.

In addition to providing you with data transformation services, 24/7 maintenance and training in the use of these BI software.

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