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What is Advanced Analytics?

Advanced analytics refers to predictive analytics, where we will not only be able to discover and understand what has already happened but, through advanced disciplines such as Machine Learning, we will be able to anticipate events that will occur in the future or perform an exhaustive segmentation of our customers to discover hidden interest groups.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subfield of AI in which the system learns and improves with the experience gained from the data we provide it with, thanks to which we do not need a programmer to define or program the rules of a programme, but a model generates a programme based on data.

Using this discipline with our data allows us to perform a deep analysis of the information, we can predict or classify tabular data, texts, images, videos, time series, IoT, etc.

Deep Learning

The possible analyses that we can extract are many, as Machine Learning is a transversal field to other fields within AI such as NPL, Reinforcement learning, Computer Vision or Deep Learning.

The power of combining Machine Learning with Deep Learning allows us to use neural networks, which are a breakthrough with almost no limits when it comes to advanced analytics.

Combining different technologies such as the huge amounts of data provided by Big Data in combination with Machine Learning algorithms or neural networks will give us a past, present and future vision of our data.

Neural Networks

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