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BI Data Visualization

Manage your data stores


Nowadays all companies have their own Data Warehouse, and store all the data generated by the different activities that are developed in it. One of the challenges that this entails is knowing how to size them, in order to optimize what is in them and manage this information.

We create your databases from scratch or optimize them to minimize the subsequent process of transformation of the data. To do this, we have qualified experts with experience in sizing and management of data warehouses.

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Data Warehouse

Optimized data warehouse


A data warehouse is a collection of integral, non-volatile and variable data over time. Well sized and structured, it is useful for generating reports and analyzing data. We focus on structuring your business data in the most optimal way, so you can easily visualize it.

Data Marts

Data Marts


An alternative to the data warehouse is the storage of information from a specific department or business unit in datamarts. This system allows the query of data with an optimal structure of dimensional model, oriented to a particular process within the company. Its flexibility, based on consultations with a high level of granularity, facilitates its consultation and analysis.

Data Modelling

Data Modeling


We develop and design the data model through an optimum structuring process for the relationship between tables stored in the databases. It can be structured in several ways: hierarchical, network, relational and object-oriented data model.

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